Compressor Microbenchmark: WiredTiger Btree

Symas Corp., February 2015


Most of the benchmark results showed very little variation in throughput or data compression effectiveness across all of the compression libraries. One which showed a significant difference was the random overwrite test:

These charts show the final stats at the end of the run, after all compactions completed. The RSS shows the maximum size of the process for a given run. The times are the total User and System CPU time, and the total Wall Clock time to run all of the test operations for a given compressor.

While bzip2 and lzma achieve greater compression, they also have the greatest performance cost. Overall there's very little variation in the DB sizes, because WiredTiger writes in block-sized chunks and pads out any minor differences in the compressors.


The files used to perform these tests are all available for download.

The command script: Raw output: out.wiredb.txt. OpenOffice spreadsheet WiredBtree.ods.